When you call on Bridges Notary Service for your Notarial needs, you will get access to a wide range of services. We are a company that can provide you with General Mobile Notary Services in Chicago, IL or serve as your Loan Signing Agent. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver prompt, professional services to each and every client who trusts us with their important documentation.
As a provider of General Mobile Notary Services and Loan Signing Agent in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas; Bridges Notary Service offers services in many different areas. If you need documents related to a Power of Attorney, a Divorce, a Bail Bond, a Vehicle Title Transfer, or a Deed signed, we can handle having them notarized for you.

Need Wills drafted and Power of Attorney Documents drafted? We work with attorneys who specialized and are at the top of their fields.   

If you would like to text me rather than leave a voice message, please do so (include your name number and what notarial services you need) to the number provided below.  As soon as I as I am available, I will return your call.
To obtain General Notary Service or a Loan Signing Agent in Chicago, IL contact Bridges Notary Service at 1-773-999-5686 today.

Professional Services:

  • Mobile Notary: A Notary Public is an officer of the state commissioned since 2017 in the state of Illinois.  As a public official of the state, my role is to service the public for documents such as estate planning, deeds, powers-of-attorney, attorney-in-fact and international notarization’s.  A Notary witnesses the signing of important documents and verifies the identity of the signer(s) with credible witnesses or government issued identifications.                              
  • Loan Signing: Refinances, Buyer Packages, Seller Packages, Reverse Mortgages, HELOC’S
  • Certified Reverse Mortgage Signing Professional – CRMSP
  • Refinanced Mortgage Signings         
  • Power of Attorney Signing                                  
  • Document Delivery                         
  • Verify I-9: Employment verification – Homeland Security
  • Identity Proofing Representative: Remote identification proofing for employment.
  • Information Forms Specialist: An Immigration Forms Specialist (IFS) provides non legal services and fees to assist immigrants complete and submit immigration forms according to USCIS requirements.
  • Adoptions: Domestic & International. Apostle (IL Secretary of State SOS and Courier Services via shipping carriers
  • Apostille: is the results of the Hague Convention with over 100 countries that allow documents issued in one country to be accepted by another country.
  • Wedding Officiant
  • Wills
  • Notarization’s While Hospitalized  
  • Encrypted Scan backs capable through “Our Records” SIFT Software
  • Legal Shield: Need an attorney on retainer that you can afford through monthly subscriptions, this might be the plan for you. Traffic Citations, Taxes, Divorce, Quit Claims and so much more
  • ID Shield: Consultations for Identity Protection. Security Monitors and so much more
  • Wedding Officiant: Professional wedding officiant specializing in creating and performing personalized wedding ceremonies.

Looking for an Apostille Agent?

Are you planning:

  • Destination Wedding
  • Job Transfer
  • Proof of Birth/Death
  • Patents
  • Vaccination Records – Cov-19
  • And So Much More

Let’s discuss. I’m here to assist you.